paul_gregory_photography_tay_hasselhoffWhen I first began, oh so many years ago, I shot in black and white, and did half my sessions with studio light and half with natural light. But everyone was doing studio light back then, and being the rebel I was, I put my strobes away in a box. And so, I was one of the first all natural light photographers in LA.

There comes a time in all creative careers when it’s time to shake up the tree! To bring back that rebel spirit!

And why can’t a seasoned professional be on fleek with millennials? (I am on point with millennial slang. LOL!)

I am having these thoughts now because although I am not on any hallucinogenic medication, I am having flashbacks. I bought some lighting. I have strobes now!!!!

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan

I have not picked up a strobe light in 20 years. And the new love affair begins. ‍

It’s like When Harry Met Sally … and I just lost three quarters of you, but the rest of you get it. My old love was there all the time. My actual lights from back then are still in my attic, but the new ones are so light and easy, and I know just what to do. There’s a piece of a Carol King song there. Yes, I lost the rest of you now. Google her and Harry and Sally—It’s worth it to see Meg Ryan’s original face.

Be relevant! Take chances! Don’t care what people think, create!

Apparently, the only way I can have an epiphany is with music and film references.

I feel really good about the new radical chapter!  And the fact that my motorcycle jacket from the 80s is back in style,

anyway, this message is about not just staying in the game, but constantly reinventing, staying relevant, not focusing on other rising stars, and seeing and believing in the star that is you! And me.

I am proud to say that these pics of Harrison and Tay were the first two shoots with my new lights. So much more to explore. I’m excited to offer both studio and natural light!!


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