Don’t put your dream on hold! Be bold take chances. Build your future! Make a difference!

This is a time to choose. Be scared and hide or move boldly forward.

Historically some of the greatest most inspiring, impactful, encouraging films were made during times of drastic change.

The Wizard of Oz

Gone With The Wind

Snow White & The Seven Dwarves

Wuthering Heights


As in history you have the chance to make a difference. Television and film creates a cohesive bond. We still love discussing the plots and characters of, “Game of Thrones”, or “The Walking Dead”. And we got upset when Elena went into a 60 year sleep on “Vampire Diaries”, and when we thought Mona died on “Pretty Little Liars”. (If you are not caught up and didn’t know that Mona was still alive, spoiler alert,) We think of these things as “nothing”. But it is sweet, an caring, and simple. Yes, we are moved by important films too., and I personally would have never known about any of the details from “Straight Outa Compton “I digress. And, how to segue? Well, all of this wonderful , amazing stuff starts with a picture submission. Make yours count.

 Choose the Career Builder Package

Be serious! Go for it! I am going to boldly move forward and suggest my career builder package. It is the best opportunity to build a team, focus, take charge, move directly toward your goal. It’s worth it! You are worth it!

In this package we discus branding, image, all the external details and the internal elements. Let’s be real. How often does the person shooting you really know what you want? Let’s get on the same page.

Let’s do this!



The initial session might break your budget, but all future sessions are half off, yes you read that right. HALF OFF. Paying attention for 26 years, has made me aware after talking to countless agents and managers particularly in regards to talent who are great but not getting in the room but are so talented. They are frustrated because there seems to be absolutely no reason why this is happening. And then you walk into their office, your hair is a mess and you looked like you didn’t give a f**k , but you looked and felt like a star, then your perfectly groomed proper headshot is not that, but your budget is small, and you didn’t want to risk taking that picture on your budget. And your reps wish they had THAT photo. WELL, now you can! I was a manager for many years, and I was a scout for the Elite model agency in NYC, I can spot that “star quality” And yes I am frustrated when you bring in “safe” clothes. Or when you tell me you don’t own the right clothes, so you just brought what you had. And with guys who are afraid to take a picture with stubble, or afraid to wear patterns or layers. NO MORE FEAR. The initial shoot is 5 looks, you can get the safe headshot, and be expressive and play too. If someone says to me would you rather go to Rome, or Venice. I’d say, “ I’ll go to both.” Would you like to try the honey lavender ice cream, or the Strawberry white chocolate? I’ll try both. A great man said, “How you do anything is how you do everything”. Make it work, figure it out. The dream is right there.

Well if you read my blogs you know how I love Disney and music. So I will leave you with this Disney song from “Zootopia” called “Try Everything

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