When I first began, oh so many years ago, I shot in black and white, and did half my sessions with studio light and half with natural light. But everyone was doing studio light back then, and being the rebel I was, I put my strobes away in a box. And so, I was one of the first all natural light photographers in LA.
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LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER! I will tell you my thoughts and you tell me yours! If you made it to the point of reading this headshot photographer’s blog, then I will assume that you are serious about this. Why else would anyone read a headshot photographer’s blog unless you truly wanted to know how to get a great headshot? If you wanted to know how to get away with murder, you’d go somewhere else. Or watch Viola Davis on TGIT. I grew up in Union, New Jersey and began my journey as a musical theater major. Soon, I was chosen
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